Harlem Migration

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• What were the motivations for migration?
Many African Americans wanted to get away from black stereotypes, racism and the pressure of Victorian conception of beauty that continued to destroy the black community for years. African Americans were seeking to get a better life through education.
• What were the boundaries that African Americans crossed? The rise in education was a major boundary African Americans faced. Harlem renaissance brought out the creativity out of many people that weren’t able to show it before. People like Langston Hughes a renowned American poet and social activist was one of the first innovators during the Harlem renaissance.

Encounter • What surprised African American’s about living in Harlem? Were all African Americans successful in establishing a better standard of living? Through adversity and not being welcomed African Americans living in the north were more successful than ever before. Although the legal system in the north was better it didn’t stop the racism and hate towards African Americans. Africans American’s took over employment from whites due to their willingness to work with lower wages. This caused an outrage towards them but this didn’t stop them from getting more jobs. Segregation led many African Americans to Harlem.
• What were the views of Africans Americans?
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Harlem changed America by shining light on the epidemic at hand. African American’s brought in money with dedicated workers and smaller wages that contributed to the economic boom. Harlem became more diverse with people coming together and not judging one another based on the pigment of their skins. Education became higher among blacks affecting nationwide ratio of African American’s literacy. People began to see that racial equality needed to happen and it wouldn’t just happen on its own. Whites and blacks began to work together to bring awareness to the
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