Harlem Renaissance Influence

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The Harlem Renaissance was a black literary and art movement that began in Harlem, New York. Migrants from the South came to Harlem with new ideas and a new type of music called Jazz. Harlem welcomed many African Americans who were talented. Writers in the Harlem Renaissance had separated themselves from the isolated white writers which made up the “lost generation” The formation of a new African American cultural identity is what made the Harlem Renaissance and the Lost Generation unique in American culture because it influenced white literacy and it was a sense of freedom for African Americans. The Harlem Renaissance led to movements that supported the cultural differences of African Americans. This movement was formed and led by Alain Locke which was the first Rhodes Scholar. The movement was called the New Negro which encouraged racial equality by celebrating the cultural gifts African Americans bring. According to Tindall & Shi…show more content…
This caused many people to lose their jobs and many businesses to lose their money. According to Tindall & Shi (2012) “from 1929 to 1933, U.S economic output dropped almost 27 percent. The unemployment rate by 1932 was 23 percent” (1082). This shows how much of an impact the stock market had on people. It caused many people to lose their jobs and people were losing money also, this caused many suffering among people. President Herbert Hoover made efforts to try to fix the great depression. Many people disliked him as a president and complained he didn’t even care. However he at least tired to help people recover from the great depression. Some policies he created were the Hoover Moratorium, the Federal Home Loan Bank Act of 1932, and the Great New Deal. Hoover created the Hoover Moratorium to end the war debts however it didn’t help with the economic crisis. The Federal Home Loan Bank Act was issued to make home owner ship available to people, but this had
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