Harlem Renaissance Poetry Essay

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The Harlem Renaissance is a time period where literary, artistic, and intellectual movement began in Harlem. It is also known as “The New Negro Movement”. This movement showed African - American culture throughout their work. However, Post - Modern is a certain writing style. This style has been around since the 1950’s and is still used today. This writing style is when authors use tragic events for stories, for example war. These two period of writing styles have importance to American culture, but talk about different

To begin with The Harlem Renaissance poems main points the author tries to get across are about African - American culture. The authors try to tell the readers how they were treated, how they feel in society, and what they do, “I, too sing America. I am the darken brother.” (Hughes). Hughes is saying in this quote that even though he is colored he is just an American as a white person is. Non - Colored people were and still are considered, more American than African - Americans. This
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This meaning, the author is talking about a tragic event, and the outcome of modern life because of these events. Post -modernism has been around since the 50’s so most of the tragic events were about war, “a million soldiers run, redcoats everyone… whose side are they on?” (Plath). Plath is saying do these soldiers even know whose side they are fighting for. These men only know they need to fight, but not know who to fight for, The reason it affects modern life is because kids grow up learning to fight. Some of the literature didn't have to mention a tragic event, just explains modern life, “We eat the smile and spit out the teeth” (Simic). This quote says people want happiness and to smile but take it for grant enter hence, “spit out the teeth”. People will try anything to get happiness and will suffer to be happy. Once people are happy they take it for
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