Harlem Renaissance: Rebirth And Flourishing Of Black Literary And Musical Culture

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In conclusion, the Harlem Renaissance was a rebirth and flourishing of black literary and musical culture during the end of World War I and to the beginning of the Great Depression. This Renaissance started approximately 1914 and ended around 1919. In the beginning of World War I, a newspaper named the Chicago Defender encouraged blacks to leave the South by showing the vision of the North as the land of freedom and the Promised Land. Several cultural and social forces at the same time joined together to build the Harlem Renaissance. The timing of this coming-of-age was perfect and a boom time for the United States. The jobs were plentiful in cities and many of the African-American southerners packed their bags and migrated to urban areas in the North to take advantage of the prosperity and the more racially tolerant environment. The strong economy provided a good life for talented blacks and their middle class prospered. New York became their land of dreams as the center of theater, art education with…show more content…
During this period, the musical style of blacks was becoming more and more attractive to whites. Jazz music and Blues players were interesting for both whites and blacks. The artists of the Harlem Renaissance undoubtedly transformed African-American culture. No phenomenon of the Harlem Renaissance shaped America and the entire world as much as Jazz. For the first time, white America could not ignore the African-American cultural contributions in music, drama, art and literature. African American music has experienced to a wider acceptance in popular music of America in the 21st century than ever before. In addition to the development of new forms of music, new artists have also begun to build the older genres in the form of genres like neo soul and modern funk-inspired
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