Harlem Renaissance: The Harlem Renaissance In America

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The Harlem Renaissance The 1920’s was a historic time period in which many things changed from beliefs to technology in the U.S..One of the most important events in this time period was The Harlem Renaissance.The Harlem Renaissance was an important period in the U.S.’s history in which African American culture was finally appreciated because of their achievements in the arts , literature, and music. Like every other story , they all have a beginning , someplace where everything started. It began with many African Americans moving from the south to the north of the U.S. to avoid racism. Harlem was meant to be a fancy neighborhood but “rapid overdevelopment led to empty buildings and desperate landlords seeking to fill them” causing African Americans to ocupate those Vacant homes(History.com Staff,). At first we know white people tried to keep African Americans distance far from their homes but as more and more African American people came the white people fled the harlem area. This resulted in the flooding of African American people coming from all over the place .The Great Migration; the movement of African Americans from the countryside South U.S. to the Big cities up North of the U.S. . The lack of economic and racial opportunity in the south drove African Americans out and into the North where there were more freedom and industrial jobs (History.com Staff,).
In this time period African Americans began to make harlem a community they could call home,often facing
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