Harley Davidson Accomplishments

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33,000 dollars later, and I was a changed man! I bought her at the shop up the road from my house the day after my grandpa passed away. She was ember red and as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I’m talking about a truly iconic American Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Although this had not been my first bike, it was my first bike that was not a crotch rocket. Instead, I got a 2012 custom built Street Glide with a aftermarket sound system that can be heard from miles away. I am now twenty two and I would have to say that paying off my Harley has been my greatest accomplishment because it helped teach me things I needed to know, like financial stability and a strong work ethic, in order to grow into a respectable young adult. As I mentioned before, I paid 33,000 dollars for my bike, which is a lot of money for a person my age. It was especially a lot of money for someone who had been working only a factory job making less than 30,000 dollars a year. It really made me think about all the money I was making and how I should put it away and save it for my…show more content…
My job at MI-T-M started at five o’clock each morning so I had to be awake at three-thirty just to give me enough time to get dressed, prep my meals for the day and drive to work. At work I learned that this world owes you nothing and you have to work your ass off to get what you want in life. I did just that, and worked my way up in my department to earned myself a leadman spot in charge of the production line. I was the youngest leadman at MI-T-M and earned my spot through hard work and not from people I knew. Working as much to 60-70 hours a week and balancing my workouts definitely taught me discipline and a new perspective on life itself. This strong work ethic has also influenced me now to go back to school while still working and get an education to better myself and earn more money for new

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