Pros And Cons Of Harley Davidson Perfume

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Sadigov Ibrahim
Business Strategy
Strategy Project#1
Harley Davidson is one of two main motorcycles producers in US and the company is the world’s 5th largest motorcycle producer. The company’s products are custom, cruiser and touring motorcycles and they also produce and sell motorcycle parts, accessories, riding gear and general merchandise. The brand extensions of company are merchandise, helmet, clothes, mugs, beer, and bars and so on. Harley Davidson made a lot of existing brand alliances in the world as well. However, not all services and products survive long last although; the company brand and strategy of company are too strong.
Harley Davidson Perfume
The company’s perfumes and fragrances were enchanted with L’Oréal but majority of these are stopped process and almost rare. Overall Harley Davidson Perfumes were about 7 perfumes and these were produced in 1994 and the newest is from 2005.
Brand extension: The meaning of brand extension is that the company uses its brand name in new product categories. However, brand extension has pros or cons; it means brand extension can be successful and unsuccessful.
Advantage of brand extension:
 It improves and grows brand image
 The new brand is saved by
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They began to produce and introduce new products such as wine coolers, aftershave and perfumes. The company obviously did not focus on what is the best and can be appropriate for building strong bikes. Nevertheless, Perfumes and wine coolers wear away the mystery of the H-D brand. Of course, the product not only fails result of poor engineering, design or marketing. There are also some others impacts that affect failure of product or service. There can be some financial problems as well and, as I pointed out, competitive actions also plays very important role. The one of main impact of the Harley Davidson perfume failure based on Consumer

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