Harley Davidson Case Study

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Bearing in mind that Harley Davidson (HD) is an international corporation headquartered in the United States, what actions might you have taken in this case?
According, to the case study Harley Davidson challenging are targeting the right market. There are so many motorcycles being sold now by different maker’s in-order for Harley Davidson to stay afloat they have do something different. However, right now they only core to customer that are men over the age of 35. The action I will take will be to enhance the experience of riding a Harley motorcycle to the younger millennials which will include women. I would offer varieties of gears and apparel to get the young adult customers to at least make a visit to the store. Another way to put Harley Davidson back in competition with other motorcycles dealers, I would start and learn how to ride program. This program will have various courses are offered to new Harley riders only, this courses will provide new riders with expert guidance from Harley-Davidson certified coaches, this program will be at all Harley-Davidson dealers. On the other hand, to entrance Harley Davidson into markets like India and China would be to offer the same program that’s being offered in the United States stores.
HD is an effective corporation. Has it always been effective? Why or why not?
Yes Harley Davidson is an effective corporation due to, they are a core competency of Harley which is their brand name. Harley Davidson does most of their business

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