Harley Davidson Core Competencies

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Harley Davidson Motor Company; About
Harley Davidson is a stylish, state of art American motorcycle producer, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in first decade of the 20th century. Later this heavyweight motorcycle producer was one of the major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression, whereas they also survived the competition from Japanese manufacturers and poor quality control period. It’s a highly argued fact that this stylish manufacturer focuses a specific segment of customers which is so contradictory to its competitors.
Later in 1908 they were able to establish dealerships in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Newark and many more cities. Starting from 1912, Harley Davidson was marketed with over 200 dealerships and began distributing
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These factors have allowed the heavyweight riders to build up a mystique culture around the brand name Harley Davidson. The below mentioned figure explains how the above mentioned factors will influence the growth and success of Harley Davidson. Core Competencies
The Harley Davidson’s operations strategy consists of core competencies which allow them to thrive in their success. Those can be listed as follows.
• The implementation of modern systems of operations to survive the great depression and later to make it the reason for successful product line.
- During the year of 1985, CEO Richard Teerlink takes the initiative introducing a restricting procedure in order to survive the bankruptcy. It was to introduce Japanese systems of operations and modern systems of marketing. Later these implementations pawed the way to their success.

• The Three M’s of Harley Davidson
- Management
- Marketing

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