Harley Davidson: Customer Relationship Management

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A) Customer relationship management (CRM): - its one of the marketing process to build a strong customer relationship and maintaining profitable relationship with customer and should be done by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction.

B) Harley-Davidson, realized the best way to create long relationships with the customers was to understand them on their own terms and the way to do that it was by spends a great deal of time and money in pursuit of that goal, additional of that they put them self as customers and start thinking as customers, why they should buy from Harley-Davidson and what the feeling towards the brand. In this way of thinking and feeling strategy as customers Harley-Davidson achieve their goal to build long-term
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• Product concept: - any consumer when want to buy a product, they are always looking for quality and performance of the product and what features of this product is having, so the organization always should devote their energy to improve the product.

• Selling concept: - when companies do a lot of promotions for their product so the consumer will buy more of their product and the sell of the company will increase due of that actions.

Marketing concept: - in this concept to achieve the organization goals they have to know what the consumer looking for and what his/her needs, also by thinking and feeling about what the customers way of thinking and feeling, so by this way they can delivering the desired satisfaction to the consumer better than competitors.

• Societal marketing concept: - the idea of this concept, that the company should related their marketing activities for the welfare of the society, also focusing on wants/needs of targeting marketing and delivering a great value to the consumer better than the competitors.
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To obtain this ideal situation has to be perceived as “acceptable” by the consumer based on the level of importance he attributes to the need.

Second step, information search, it’s the time for the consumer to start of looking for information about possible solutions to the problem, the consumer will search more or less information and the sources of information it can be by family or friends or internet, advertising or it can be mass media, consumer organization and in the last it can be examining or using the product.

Third step, evaluation of alternatives, once the buyers collecting the information about the product he will be able to evaluate the different alternatives that offer to him, evaluate the most suitable to his needs and choose the one he think it’s best for him.

Fourth step, purchase decision, in this step after the consumer will evaluated the different solutions and products available for respond to his need, he can make a decision to buy this product and his decision will depend on the information he had it about the

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