Harley Davidson Economic Analysis

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Harley-Davidson Economic Analysis I will discuss a business opportunity for Harley-Davidson, Inc. to begin offering motorcycle products in Vietnam to increase stagnant sales over the past four years. The mission of Harley-Davidson is to fulfill dreams of motorcyclists by expanding the line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments. The organization has to look for fresh customers among different market segments and age groups since the current market segment is aging. Vietnam is a suitable country for Harley-Davidson due to the city streets being chaotic, making traveling easier for two-wheeled vehicles. The Vietnamese tropical and temperate climate makes cyclists traveling through the countryside of rice…show more content…
In Harley-Davidson’s circumstance, the most significant strengths include a strong brand that attracts repeat loyal consumers for additional purchases. Moreover, the company has more than a century of expertise creating the brand that consumers are willing to spend more on custom products. The strengths safeguard Harley’s market share making long-term sustainability and growth achievable while fending off aggressive and low-cost competitors. Harley must deal with weaknesses that prevent the company from maximizing performance and moving from the fifth largest manufacturer to first in the world. The motorcycle giant has a narrow product mix, preventing the business from reaching more market segments and age demographics. Another weakness exists from sales primarily originating in North America, and insignificant or nonexistent sales in developing countries. Furthermore, the company has a limited supply chain that hampers potential expansion in the global motorcycle market. The demand for Harley-Davidson products has the opportunity to create new business alliances to increase market reach and broaden the product…show more content…
The marketing strategy allows the customer to connect to the brand, to manufacture a unique product that includes a choice of colors, wheels, seats, racks, backrests, windshields, exhaust, and intakes. The historical company core customers was men over the age of 35, but are now making efforts to connect and reach young adults and women customers. Subsequently, Harley has to continue modifying products to meet the needs of potential Vietnamese clientele to increase

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