Harley Davidson Human Resource Analysis

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• Technology development: The robotic and automated machineries used at production plant of Harley Davidson allow the firm to be productive and to cater a larger market with speedy delivery.
• Human resource management: Harley Davidson’s HR management is an open, friendly and inclusive management system which allows the organization to be productive and to retain valuable human capital with brand loyalty. The workers at Harley Davidson are fans of the motorcycle and are loyal to the cult of riding. This is created through the human resource culture and relationship at Harley Davidson. The inclusive staff involvement and development is further discussed in the lean synchronization of the analysis.
• Firm Infrastructure: The production plant
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Waste reduction and recycling
Harley Davidson manufacturing facilities are aspiring to reach zero landfill status; they have established a goal of less than 10% waste to landfill for their US manufacturing operations. (Harley Davidson Inc., 2014)
Inclusion of All Staff in the Operations & Continuous Improvement
Harley Davidson’s role in continuous improvement is all about their day to day operations. This is a firm which looks forward for much more better tomorrow while performing best today. In order to succeed in continuous improvement there should be employee involvement. Therefore the managers came up with all employees taking part in a gain – sharing program and are paid cash incentives for attaining and maintaining quality, profitability and product delivery goals. It’s a important step taken by Harley Davidson to provide their employees with education and training in their learning center. These helped the company to harvest a competitive advantage in having human capital and loyal employee base. They even when into the extent of conducting extensive team building at all levels of the company, having team building for union leaders, negotiation committees and stewards. They use a inclusive employee communication system at all levels which allows open communication. This in return improves the organizational culture and
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Harley consists of heavyweight highway motorcycles. In the other hand Honda, Japanese does their product with a wide range of motorcycles. This has allowed them to expand their markets and flourish the motorcycle market with thriving profits. Honda is famous for their affordability and durability. But the niche market segment of Harley Davidson is more concerned about the style and their personal culture of highway riding. Honda on the other hand focuses on different backgrounds of people including the niche market of Harley Davidson. In comparison of the market leadership in that niche market, Harley Davidson plays a prominent role than Honda. Honda’s customer base is wider than Harley Davidson which allows them to cater a larger market with large volume of sales. The more unique products of Honda focuses on the product range of Harley Davidson looks in to speed, power where the economy is a lesser concern but the style is a prominent component. When Harley Davidson brand name comes to popularity plays a major role in the market segment. But in the study of market expansion in brand awareness Honda has a wider perspectives. Riders of Harley’s niche market are more focused on the following aspects of their experience than the more conventional

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