Harley Davidson Swot Analysis

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OBJECTIVE: Determining the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the firm Harley Davidson.

HARLEY DAVIDSON is an American motorcycle manufacturer which was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. It is one of the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturers and an iconic brand widely known for traditional styling ,design simplicity ,durability ,quality and its loyal following. It is one of the two major American motorcycle manufacturers to have survived the Great Depression.

• It has established a strong brand image as its motorcycles have been achieving iconic status. The symbol of Harley Davidson evokes an image of freedom and strength in consumer 's mind. It has been continuously ranked among
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• It has a high TOMA score(Top Of the Mind Awareness) which is the result of its distinguished promotional strategies and branding. Thus, creating a strong consumer base.
• It has a diversified product range and recently there has been new introductions such as Street 500CC &750 CC as an attempt to solve the ageing problem of the current customer base so as to make it more promising to the younger diaspora.
• High price is one of the major weakness as it curbs the affordability of the cruise bikes as Harley has manufacturing unit only in India and an assembling unit in Brazil outside the United States making their price to the exported countries a bit high.
• High price and the competitive market has caused Harley to lose market share continuously lately, especially in the European market.
• Harley has its base in U.S but U.S has its own limitation in terms of growth. As more than 65% of the revenue is coming from the U.S market so it’s become more risky for
• Harley to generate majority of its revenue
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Thus, it is a very attractive opportunity for Harley to capture these markets without much delay.

• Harley has its own set of loyal and cult followers which also attracts young customers. Thus, the company can launch low end heavyweight motorcycles which will help the company to expand its customer base.

• Harley can use its increased marketing efforts to further increase the customer base by marketing towards untapped segments as females and youngsters are showing more inclination towards cruise bikes. For example, In 2006, women accounted for 12% of all bike sales. Currently, women account for about 14%of the riding population as revealed by the Motorcycle Industry Council.

• Cruise bikes such as Harley will serve as a more economical way of transport where the economy is at low level and demographic profile rough. Hence, expansion o these areas is very favourable for Harley Davidson.
• Harley is very market myopic in nature which has the potential to affect the Harley brand. About 65% of its revenue is earned from U.S market which is over-dependence and has the ability to cause internal

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