Harlow And Freud Psychosocial Development Theory

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Taq four. Psychoanalytic theory(Freud) Psychosocial development theory Learning theory( Harlow and Harlow 1969) Erikson Kohlberg
What does the theorist mean by the term social development? Freud argued human behaviuor was the result of the interaction of the three component parts of the mind the id, ego and superego based on his patients who came to him regarding their symptoms and to describe exactly what was in their mind (Boundless, 2014). Erikson believed personality develops in a series of stages with impact of social experiences and conflict across the whole life span through his research with his wife at experimental school for American students. (Cherry, 2014). Kohlberg discovered social development is the moral reasoning change as people grew older where he came up with three levels divided into six stages based on his interviews of 72 Chicago boys aged 10-16 years for a span of 20 years. (Cherry, 2014). Harlow believed attachments were most likely to form with those who responded accurately to the baby’s signals, not the person they spent most time with as they develop as the grow up as he did his research with baby monkeys(McLeod, 2014.)
According to theorist, how does the child develop socially Freud first stage was oral stage which is the infant’s primary source of interaction through the mouth. Second is the anal stage where primary focus is on libido and controlling the bladder. (Cherry, 2014). Third is the phallic stage at the age of three to six years
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