Harm Reduction Dilemmas

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“The Harm Reduction Dilemma”
When dealing with any type of public health practice there are always ethical dilemmas that come into play with certain issues. Ethical dilemmas are unavoidable and challenging when it comes to finding the right approach that pertains to a health issue. Not only are they challenging, but they are also important when it comes to making well researched decisions about medical treatments while taking in consideration of beliefs and wishes of all aspects of health. Even though researched decisions seems to be right for one individual or certain groups doesn’t mean that will be right for others. With this being said I think that the Harm Reduction Dilemma is the most challenging in actual public health practice.
I think
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I would choose the non- judgmental approach only because I know that being judged is one of the main things that people worry about in life. Even if a personal is doing something positive in life they still worry about being judged so I know for a fact that if someone is doing something negative they are also worried about be judged and most of the time they are. Just because being judged is a known risk of allowing certain people know that an individual is performing a harmful act a lot of people normally choose to do their acts privately or keep in a secret from certain people. I think that they do this just because right off the back they feel like someone will label them in negative way. This is not always the case but it does happen. That’s why I would use the non- judgmental approach to the harm reduction dilemma. When using the non- judgmental approach I think that it is best to treat each individual with dignity and the upmost respect, regardless of the circumstance. This approach should be used even if what the individual is doing something that you don’t quite agree with. There are a lot of people that question if an intervention should engage or support behaviors that are not socially approved or viewed by some as immortal, to prevent further harm to certain people and I honestly think that it should only because I know…show more content…
I would choose this approach so that I could get the individual to consider participating in a harm reduction. I may not agree with the harmful act that the individual may be engaging in but comprise is in most cases is the only way to get someone to agree with something that you are offering that will benefit the both of you in a positive way so I think this this will be a good way to get an individual on board to want
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