Harmful Effects Of Media

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This chapter presents the related literature and studies that other researchers have done as well as the ideas and conclusions from other related studies.
The Media Media is one of the ways of communication in today’s century. It is widely used in societies especially in our everyday living. Media could influence society both negatively and positively. Overexposure to media can cause information overload, but with the right use,it can lead us to a global exchange in information. For that reason, we have to be aware on how we use the media because media has the potential to generate both positive and negative effects, and many studies have looked for these impact especially towards the youth and the society(Sayenko,2016).

The Harmful Effects of Media According to Oak (2016), one negative effect of media to an individual is that it may affect a person’s health and lifestyle. Since we all know that using media is quite entertaining to use, we can’t help but to get addictive to use it.We tend to spend too much hours using it. But because of too much exposure to media especially in television, it causes different problem to arise. In the aspect of a person lifestyle, physical inactivity may become a problem and that may lead to obesity . Overexposure to media can also change a person’s eating habit. The reason also why people are having trouble getting a proper lifestyle is because of advertisements that is seen on different media. Some media are promoting
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