Harmon V. Nesbitt

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We are here in this courtroom to see if my client, Steve Harmon, will be convicted of being associated to the robbery of a drugstore, and to the death of Alguinaldo Nesbitt. The robbery occurred approximately 4 o'clock on 175th Street in Harlem. The owner of that drugstore,who died from a gunshot wound, was Mr Nesbitt. Nesbitt was a hardworking man, a well respected man who did nothing to deserve his end. It was truly a horrible crime, but it was not committed by Mr. Harmon, nor did he have any in the crime. I know this to be a fact, and I have confidence that you will also see Steve Harmon’s innocence too. Mr. Harmon is a young, kind, caring person. He is a responsible older brother, and he is a reliable son. Overall he is not someone to participate in something like this. Prosecutor Petrocelli may think Steve Harmon is a monster, but he is quite the opposite Steve Harmon may come from Harlem, and that might a dangerous place, but it does not mean he is a criminal looking for some cash. Please do not judge him from where he grew up. You the jurors are the hardworking people of New York. I am sure you will make the right decision and do it unbiased.…show more content…
They allow the alleged criminals to have the benefit of the doubt that they are not guilty. I hope that you will give Steve Harmon the benefit of the doubt that he is innocent. With that doubt, you will be able to truly see Mr. Harmon’s innocence. Steve Harmon is not a monster and I have the faith that you will see that too. That is

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