Harmony In Perversity: The Importance Of Harmony In Diversity

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The words “Harmony in Diversity” draws up, in one’s mind, the image of blissful people holding their hands tightly and smiling widely at each other regardless of race, colour or creed floated. Unity is an emblem that pasted on our chests - credence that stands out starkly in my memory. In 1949, a young Negro, George accepted a daunting task of fostering integration. One day, a call from a man, Miller that requested George to become his daughter’s godfather had made forever the real love and respect, George found that the long struggle had been worthwhile. I know him, enduring the pain while moving through wave upon wave of faces that mirrored the same emotions - disbelief, choking, inarticulate range, for I was born in a multi-racial community, Malaysia. It deliberates that harmony in diversity must be nurtured and cherished; nobody is going to surrender to the end of the war. In proportion to ancient Greek philosophy, harmony in diversity means the connection and reconciliation of different things. The British poet Rudyard Kipling proclaimed “The Ballad of East and West” is a mentality error. Why should we nurture and cherish harmony in diversity? It is imperative for us to take a step back and zoom in. First and foremost, it is a sign of appreciation and expression of love towards those heroes of Malaysia that are highly regarded. Contemplating and envision the moment Father Of Independence lofty shout of M-E-R-D-E-K-A, his exalted declaration of freedom was a

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