Harmony In The Trojan War

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Gaius Sallutius Crispus once said “Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it make great things decay.” Harmony is an agreement where it brings closure to fights. It has to be maintained and flows smoothly like a river in a never ending way. A small thing or a problem can be solve through discussion and exchanging of brilliant and logical ideas. Without harmony, there will be no peace, only chaos and the river bathed with red blood. In order to make our world a better place, we must cherish the peace between countries and their people.

What is the meaning of harmony? Well, the word harmony is synonym to peace. When we talk about harmony, we talk about conditions. Conditions as in terms of agreement and surroundings. Look around us,
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According to an archaeologist,Heinrich Schliemann, found the remnants of a great citadel on the Western shores of Asia Minor, the true location of ancient Troy. And it appeared to be destroyed by the work of chaos and war. As the legend said ,it begin when Eris threw down a golden apple to the assemble gods “For the fairest” shall be rewarded as the prize of beauty and it will be hand chosen by the young prince Paris of Troy whom in favor of Aphrodite. According to Homer, Paris carried off Helen and secured her and her love. But Helen’s husband Menelaus which happened to be the brother of Sir Agamemnon, the greatest King of all Greek, was upset yet angry and together with his brother, they went to Troy to retrieve her but Paris loved Helen so much so that he was willing to hand in hand battle with her husband, Menelaus. Soon, the terms were agreed by both sides and fought. When Agamemnon wanted to fulfill the battle terms, the Trojans broke the terms and war was declared.At the end, the city of Troy was burnt and totally destroyed. Thus, the consequences of was is destruction. The importance of harmony is that there will be no war but peace among nations. Moreover, in reality, we have got more friends or allies (and who knows that when we are in trouble, these friends will aid us!) When the peace among people has spread, the number of crimes decrease.Formation of peace may…show more content…
There are ways to maintain and prevail the harmony among nations. One of them is gaining their trust. When we talk about trust, we talk of loyalty and commitment. Gaining trust to solve an issue without blood shed. Take a look back to our Malaysian’s history, back to 1957, where our first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, made our nation proud by freeing our nation from grasp of the Great Britain without any blood shed on the ground. We as the current generation appreciate his work by celebrating our Independence Day on the 31st August annually. Question is how he did it? Well, through many documents and accordance, he had formed peace with the English people. Most important is that harmony among two countries had spread across the entire nation. Thus, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj is known in Malaysia as the Father of

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