Harold D. Lasswell's Definition Of Politics

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Undoubtedly politics is “the study of influence and the influential”, there is most certainly truth in Harold D.Lasswell’s definition of politics. Throughout the course of this essay the study of politics will be examined in relation to Laswell’s definition. Furthermore the concept of government and how people influence government action will be looked at. In Lasswell’s book “Politics, Who Gets What, When and How” he clearly outlines the “influential are those who get the most of what there is to get”, in his opinion politics was primarily to do with power and influence. Lasswell’s definition of politics has been in the past supported by prominent political scientists such as Abraham Kaplan and Robert A. Dahl, both men believe the study of politics is largely to do with the use of influence by those who find themselves in influential positions. In their book “Power and Society: an introduction to the social sciences” both Thomas Dye and Brigid Harrison define politics as “the study of power”. One of the Oxford dictionary’s definitions of power is “the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events”, thus proving there is most certainly a very close link between politics and influence. The study of politics is certainly the study of influence and the influential, as it looks at how exactly men like Barack Obama and David Cameron use their power to influence millions of individuals on a global, civic and personal level. A powerful
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