Harold Fredrick Shipman Research Paper

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Dr.Harold Shipman: January 14,1946- January 13, 2004 He had the profession of a doctor but was one of the most known serial killers because of his very high number of victims. it was estimated to be about 218 but many think that it is possible to be way higher than that. On January 30, 2000 the jury found Dr.Harold Shipman guilty of fifteen murders Born in Nottingham,England january 14, 1946 full name Harold Fredrick Shipman (A.K.A fred) was the second child out of four of a working family. his mother (Vera) favorited him and noticed early signs of him being superior at an early age and limited the amount of friends he had because she thought that would cause him a lot of conflict as he got older. Later in his life his mother Vera was diagnosed…show more content…
Everyone saw Shipman as a caring family doctor. And nobody knows when exactly he started killing his patients and exactly how many died in his hands. But his killing spree was brought to an end because of of a very determined woman, Angela Woodruff, the daughter of one of his patients. She refused to accept what was the explorations given for her mother 's death. Kathleen Grundy a 81 year old wealthy widow was found dead in her home on June 24 1998,Following an early visit from Shipman, Woodruff was a lawyer and handled everything of her mother 's and she came to the fact that her mother had left a bulk of her estate for Shipman and so she came to the conclusion that maybe Shipman killed her mother to get a benefit out of it. She alerted the local police, where detective superintendent Bernard Postles came to the same conclusion as her when he examined the evidence. Kathleen Grundy body was examined at it revealed that her cause of death was a morphine overdose, which was administrated in her body three hours before her death, around the time Shipman has gone to check on her. So they decided to not just take this one case he a count. Also check all the body 's that have not yet to be cremated and who had had a visit from Shipman before there death. Shipman himself urged families to cremate their family members, so there wouldn 't be any further investigation on why
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