Harold Storms: A Short Story

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Zoe smiled at Harold Storms 's obvious flustered state. If there was anything she loved, it was knocking a good looking man off of his A-game. She shook his hand in greeting then sat as he indicated, her long, toned right leg crossing her left, her skirt sliding up to show off an expanse of shapely thigh.

"This is a beautiful office, Mr. Storms," Zoe said casually, her stiletto-clad foot swaying slightly. She wanted to keep his attention on her legs, so she shifted slightly, her skirt inching even higher.

Zoe knew she was attractive. A swimmer in college, she 'd had numerous boyfriends throughout the years. And although she was married now, she still enjoyed being ogled by an attractive man, especially one who was closer in age to her than her husband. She twirled the diamond ring on her left hand, stroking it as a talisman. Her looks had landed her husband for her, too, and she was smart enough to know that keeping them was essential to her successful marriage and future career at this company.

Her mind drifted back to
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As the party began to wind down, Zoe stayed behind on the pretense of helping Sarah and Janet clean up. Although they had a cleaning crew arriving in the morning, they needed to throw away food and drinks that were left out. While cleaning, she watched John slip into his office, and a moment later, she followed. When she entered, she found him sitting in his chair and stroking his shaft. She locked the door and whispered huskily, "Are you imagining me, Mr. Nordstrom?" The older man 's head had shot up, but instead of answering, he began stroking harder. Without a word, Zoe crossed the room and hiked her skirt up, straddling his lap. She pushed her panties aside and with one hand on his shoulder and looking into his eyes, she lowered herself onto his turgid cock. Her velvet-lined pussy tightly squeezed his length, and they fucked hard and fast. Moments later, his load spent in her young pussy, she left the office and finished cleaning the

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