Love In Haroun And The Sea Of Stories

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Haroun and the sea of Stories is a novel that teaches the power of love. So far, the story has revolved around love; the love between Soraya, Rashid and Haroun. In chapter two, Rashid was quite melancholy and no longer able to tell stories because his beloved wife had left. Without love, nothing else mattered to him, not even his stories. Since it was election time, Rashid had been invited to speak in the Valley of K in order to convince everyone to vote for Buttoo. It had been arranged for Rashid and Haroun to stay in a beautiful swan boat, but Rashid appeared to be upset so Snooty Buttoo questioned if he was unsatisfied with the arrangement. Rashid replied, “Sir, not so. This is an affair of the heart” (Rushdie 43). Rashid has almost everything,…show more content…
This event from Haroun and the Sea of Stories reminds me of an event that occurred in the book The Key to Rondo. In this novel, the evil, Blue Queen captures Mimi’s dog, Mutt, and brought him back to Rondo as a hostage to lure Mimi and Leo Langlander into the world of Rondo. In Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Khattum- Shud imprisons the Princess in order to lure the Guppees to the Land of Chup. Both Khattum-Shud and the Blue Queen captured their hostages to use as bait. Both scenarios were also results from braking a rule. In The Key to Rondo, the music box that Leo Langlander received came with three rules. The first was to never spin the key more than times. When Mimi Langlander came to visit her cousin, she broke the first rule by winding the music box key four times, letting the Blue Queen loose. In Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Princess Batcheat’s capture was a result of her breaking a rule as well. The Guppees are not allowed to enter the twilight zone because it is unsafe since in is so close to the Land of Chup. Princess Batcheat broke this rule by entering the twilight zone to see the stars and feel the invisible Chattergy wall. Both Haroun and the Sea of Stories and The key to Rondo had a character who broke a rule forcing everyone to suffer the

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