Why Is Harmonica Important

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Harmonica (also known as mouth organ, mouth harp, or French harp) is a handheld portable musical wind instrument. It consists of a small rectangular outer case made of a metal alloy with an inner row of holes called reed chambers. Each chamber has multiple, variable-tuned brass flexible strips or reeds that have loose ends, which vibrate and create sound. The player places his or her mouth over the holes and exhales and inhales air to produce different musical tones. The length and depth of the metal reed determine the various musical notes.

Use and Significance of Harmonica

It is very important to identify each musical note while playing a mouth organ. It is not just placing your mouth over, blowing into, and inhaling air through individual holes (known as reed chambers), but it is equally important to listen to the sound produced and to
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You can easily play it with the correct techniques and can produce amazing musical notes from nursery rhymes to classical music.

You should know the correct way to hold a harmonica when playing as a beginner. Your left four fingers should cover the top of the rectangular plate and place your thumb in the bottom so that you should have the maximum grip on the instrument. Remember that the individual hole numbers should be on top. Now, cup your right fingers around the bottom that should align your left thumb with your right thumb.

The harmonica has become a respectable musical wind instrument in every kind of music, right from Classical to Rock and in various dance types as well.

History of Harmonica

The harmonica instrument originated from its predecessor, ancient Chinese sheng, a mouth-blown free reed instrument with vertical pipes, which was popular during the 3000 B.C. In the mid-nineteenth century, a German clockmaker named Mathias Hohner developed the first familiar

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