Harp Seal Research Paper

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Overhunting has had an effect on several different species, the one I will be telling you about is the Harp seal. The harp seal is located in the “west ice” of eastern Greenland, in the “east ice” of eastern Russia, and off the cost of east Canada and are currently being over hunted by humans. Harp seals, and others like the Namibian cape seal, are currently slaughtered more than any other marine mammal in the world. Harp seals are usually 3 weeks to 3 months old when they are clubbed (being hit with a club, like a golf club, until you dead), bludgeoned (being hit in the head with a large, heavy object really hard), or shot to death by a few hundred or a few thousand fishermen, depending on how well they can get to the seal, each year. Harp…show more content…
They will have to stay there for the rest of their lives. They will have to live from the perspective of a harp seal, so they will also have to catch their own food, there will be nothing to help them do so either, because they get no materials. The harp seals they so brutally slaughtered, surely didn’t get any materials to help them live, or to protect themselves. They have to live in the same climate as a harp seal too, which is really cold, because if they didn’t it would be too hot for the predators to survive, and they wouldn’t able to get the full experience of being a harp seal. Harp seals also don’t wear clothes, the fur that they have is natural, and is apart of them, so these people shouldn’t be allowed to wear clothes, but since I’m feeling generous right now, I’ll let them keep their undergarments, but no pants, shirts, socks, hats, coats/jackets, shoes, or anything else like that. Oh and also, for the food that they catch, they’ll have to eat it raw, the harp seals never cooked their food. They will have to get into the freezing cold water too in order to catch their food, because they can only eat what harp seals eat. So they’ll have to be aware of their surroundings under the water, and they should hope that their able to open their eyes under water, or they’ll be done for, not only will they be unable to catch their food, but they also won’t see the Orca or large shark coming towards them. On land, they should be aware of the polar bears, foxes, and wolves that are roaming around. Since I’m feeling so generous right now, I’m going to give them a choice. If they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives living like this, they have the other option of being clubbed to death (since it’s one of the most common ways Harp seals are killed), but it has to be one or the other,

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