Harp Short Story

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The short stories “Gwilan’s Harp” written by Ursula K. LeGuin, “The Washwoman” by Isaac Singer, and “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry all show the loss of something valuable, as a theme. Each of the characters in the stories experience the loss of something special to them, such as the loss of a matchless harp, the loss of a caring son, and the unforeseen loss of a friend. In “Gwilan’s Harp” a young harpist named Gwilan has an irreplaceable, flawless harp. Unfortunately, when her harp gets crushed, Gwilan begins to struggle with the loss of her most prized possession. In Isaac Singer’s “The Washwoman” an elderly washwoman tells the Jewish family which employed her, about the loss of her adult son, not by death, but by the embarrassment of her profession. Lastly, in “The Last Leaf” two young poor artists experience the loss of old Mr. Behrman, a beloved friend, neighbor, and fellow artist, in a very unexpected and moving way. All the authors of these brief stories clearly show the sad but moving theme of the loss of something precious.

The story “Gwilan’s Harp” by Ursula K. LeGuin, portrays the heartbreaking life of a harpist named Gwilan. When Gwilan’s treasured instrument becomes splinters in a cart crash, she
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“Gwilan’s Harp” presents the reader with the most examples of loss. “The Washwoman” uniquely demonstrates the loss of a loving son to care for and love his elderly mother as opposed to the loss of a destroyed material object or the death of a friend. “The Last Leaf” strongly demonstrates the sacrificial loss of life through Mr. Behrman’s death. The readers can learn great lessons from each of these meaningful stories. The loss of the cherished harp in “Gwilan’s Harp”, the loss of an attentive son in “The Washwoman”, and lastly, the sacrificial and unforeseen loss of a friend in “The Last Leaf”, all are moving examples of valuable
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