Harper Lee And Chaim Potok: A Comparative Analysis

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The books by Harper Lee and Chaim Potok can not be directly compared. Both range sepearte topics, and are well writen. Both novels were captivateing and though tprovokink, provinding a wonder read. The works of art are well worth their awards and provided a glimpse in to a forign world. The books in question were well writen and consiquently provided a captivateing read. The litarary standard of these books is only augemted by their awards and titiles. *The Chosen* was in the finalist for the National Book Award, and won the Edward Lewis Wallan award. Additionaly receveing acclaimed reviews including from The Boston Sunday Herald, “PERCEPTIVE, TOUCHING, EXQUISITE, AND UNUSUAL… This is a most profound novel: Chaim Potok is a gifted writer.” Similarly in 1961 *To Kill a Mockingbird* won the Pultzer prize and the subsiquent the film was Accadamy Award-winning. Both novles achived widespred regonition due to high standards in litarary form.…show more content…
The drive for learning and finding what happens pulling myself along. *The Chosen* coverd life as Hasidic Jews, a people group largely absent from Southern Europe. My only explosiar to jewdiasm; the delapitaeing horors from World War II. *To Kill A Mockingbird* covers life in a Souther American town, which bears little resemblance to Southern Spain. Race, and the fight for freedom are topics rarely dealth with where I live. Becuae of the foreign tale told, both stores were facinateing, intigueing and keep me
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