Harper Lee's Childhood

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Society shaped and influences Harper Lee to kill a mockingbird by having most stuff in the book come from her childhood. For instance, in the text it states “ Lee 's Father was a southern lawyer.”(Gradesaver). In other words lee 's Father was a southern lawyer just like Atticus. This illustrates that she took stuff from her childhood and morphed it into To Kill a Mockingbird. For example on page 48 lee says “ Dill if you won 't hush i 'll knock you bowlegged. In other words this is scout talking to her childhood friends. This illustrates that Harper Lee had a childhood friend just like Dill. As one can see this connects back because it shows how harper lee took her childhood and put some of it in the book. In To Kill A mockingbird society shapes scout be helping her see life through other people 's point of views, also be making her more mature. For example on page 39 Lee quotes “ You…show more content…
Society shaped and influenced jem by making him more mature and not racist. For example on page 46 it quotes “ Mrs. Dubose was the meanest old woman who ever lived, Jem wouldn 't go by her place without atticus beside him.” In other words Jem was young and naive and didn 't know why Mrs. Dubose was mean to him, so he had to have an adult next to him when he went by. This suggest that jem acted very childish before the trial. Another example on page 142 would be “ jem read for perhaps 20 min”. In other words this means that jem would read to Mrs. Dubose for about 20 min every couple of days. The author makes this comparison because it shows that jem had matured and was no longer afraid of Mrs. Dubose. To Emphasize this connects back because they doth show that jem was more childish in the begingji and toward the end he was more mature. To kill a Mockingbird shaped and influenced me by helping me put myself in someone else 's shoes. For instance, The text t states “ You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.”(lee 39). In other words
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