'To Kill A Mockingbird': A Character Analysis

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Dill is an amalgamation of different characters from the story. His attempt to seek attention from others sometimes forces him to stir up an exaggerated version of his endeavours. Dill returns to his home in Mississippi after the trial and talks to his mother about his various encounters along with his experiences back in Maycomb. Being the imaginative person he is and not so emotional before the trial, he has been filled with a mixture of varied emotions.

*Dill’s personal thoughts throughout his conversation as he returned to Mississippi shocked post trial*
*Gosh darn it. I ain’t gettin’ over the trial..... my mind can’t get over how unfair the trial was back in Maycomb and Tom Robinson died for nothin’.*

Dialogue with mother.
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Jem told me that I got it backwards though but I don’t believe nothin’. He even told me that “Clowns are sad, it’s folks that laugh at them”. Anyways I still oughta be a clown. My own imagination can come up with all kinda ways my life as a clown could be ya know. I still know I can go laugh at the people of Maycomb and make them realise that whatever they do is not good and they oughta treat people better. I realised after drinking some new coca-cola bottle drink that this kind man Raymond offered me. I think he wanted me to realise that everyone in Maycomb ain’t selfish and heartless. Some people in Maycomb really don’t have any problems with colored people as they are just as normal as we are. He gave me some kinda hope Mama considerin’ how all the joy from my mind had just left after the…show more content…
So much injustice takes place. People who haven’t done nothing getting thrown in the jail for being black? I ended up cryin’ after that Gilmer (prosecutor against Mr.Finch in court) called Tom Robinson ‘BOY’ and other rude stuff like “Were you so scared that she'd hurt you, you ran, a big buck like you?”. Gilmer treated Tom Robinson as a stupid object. Mama, it was so bad that Scout took me outta that room. “ It was the way he (Mr. Gilmer) said it made me sick, plain sick," It made me so sick. "It was just him I couldn't stand”. I’ve still not even begun to know what he had to do and what his problem was. I mean I had to tell Scout that her father wouldn’t ever talk to Mayella or treat her in that way. Mr.Finch wouldn’t ever say something like that to even Mayella’s father who was rude to him. He is a good man.

"... hell white people give colored folks, without even stopping to think that they are people, too” I’ve never been so disturbed in my life Mama to see the discrimination. Even now Mama, it’s been a good ten days but I’m still shocked, scared n’ livid...
I gotta say Mama, I had never been in a courtroom or known details about a trial...my first experience will stay with me and I don’t think it’ll be a very good one. I don’t wanna go to any trial every again
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