Harriet Jacobs Oppression

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Forms of Oppression Today
Society has a unique way of viewing women and labeling them as “submissive”. Even though there is a typical view of women, imagine having to deal with stereotypes for being a black woman in the time of slavery. The picture changes for a woman. First, she is no longer a woman but instead she is property in a man’s eye. Next, she is not assumed to be “weak” or “submissive” but she was told and taught that she and has no power or say so to change it. That is how Harriet Jacobs’s life was depicted in “A Perilous Passage in the Slave Girl’s Life”. Harriet Jacobs was the first black slave woman to stand and prove that she is not weak, submissive, or property. Jacobs did not do it just for the black women but as a black person
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