Harriet Jacobs Present Book Report

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White people have more rights and privilege from birth, while blacks face discrimination and the lack of opportunities from early years instead. The author wanted to show that people’s personal and professional success in life was closely associated with their racial and cultural background either increasing their chances to succeed or limiting them instead. Although both categories of people have the right to be happy, only white women can be truly happy in their life being able to marry, have children, have her own home, while black women are enslaved, oppressed and sexually exploited their entire life dreaming about a peaceful home, true love and a happy family.
While writing the present book, Harriet Jacobs did not only want to show the hardships of slavery, its impact on people but also wanted “women of the North realizing conditions of two millions of women at the South” (Jacobs 2). The present book became the source of major differences between the North and the South, between lands opposing slavery and states strongly promoting it through the
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Frintrop stated that “African American female slaves living in bondage had no hope to live up to this status” (Frintrop 2). Although women living in the north did not support slavery, they knew nothing about it and the real experiences of slaves, particularly women living and working there. Harriet Jacobs wanted to attach the attention of those people to the problem of slavery promoting its abolition and struggling for effective actions and more right for people in the South. Even though there were many differences between the North and the South, there was one common problem faced by women there, such as patriarchy. In fact, women were historically subordinate to men, but this subordination brought much trouble and suffering to women in slave
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