Harriet Tubman And A Woman Called Moses

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Harriet Tubman was a wonderful woman. She led thousands of slaves to their freedoms. These two articles talk all about her life and service to people. While they are the same, they are also different. They show different ideas and beliefs about her.

"Leaders of the Civil War Era: Harriet Tubman" is more about Tubman 's actions. It shows many of her good deeds. It explains that she saved many slaves and brought them away from their harsh plantations. It shows how she was even asked to guide soldiers past Confederate lines. In the end, it shows an article that introduces Tubman as a terrorist.

"A Woman Called Moses" is more about Tubman 's feelings. It shows how she fought and escaped slavery. It explains how she felt about escape, and how she wanted it for everyone else. That was her motivation to work for the Underground Railroad. From this, she helped save 75,000 slaves, and personally saved over 200 slaves.
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When compared, these texts are very similar. They both show all of Tubman 's hard work. They tell about her many efforts for equality. They are also equally different as well. One of the texts shows Tubman actually escape from slavery. The other text only talks about Harriet 's deeds.

As you can see, both texts are wonderful sources of information about Harriet Tubman. They are the same in some ways, and different in others. One shows how she feels about slavery. Another is only about all her good deeds. All in all, these two texts show the bravery and endurance of Harriet
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