Harriet Tubman And Frederick Douglass: The Struggles Of Slaves

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Struggles of Slaves in the American South The difficulties and hardships of slaves in slavery in the American South explores the lives of slaves and what they went through. Slaves had rough education and faced physical pain every day. For example a couple of slaves are Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. In the poem, “The Negro Mother” it says, “ I couldn’t read then I couldn’t write.” In the poem the Negro Mother is older than a teenager! At this time, white children could already do this very easily. This shows that they didn’t have good education at all! Also, a slave named Frederick Douglass had a rough time with education too. When Frederick was 12, Doug Auld’s wife started teaching Frederick the alphabet. When Doug found out, he stopped them immediately. Frederick had to keep on learning from white children around him. After reading these things, it was obvious to me that they had rough education.…show more content…
Harriet was one of many slaves that came face to face with it everyday. When Harriet was a teenager, she was once lashed 5 times before breakfast with a whip! She was also hit in the head with a 2lb weight, in the head, when she refused to stop a runaway slave. Ouch! Another slave who experienced physical pain was the Negro Mother. The Negro Mother would work in the hot sun but she could not stop until her work was done. If she had to work in the hot sun all day doing hard labor, she had to be in lots of pain. Slaves obviously suffered from physical pain every day. In conclusion, slaves in the American South were very mistreated. They had rough education and faced physical pain every day. These two struggles are only two of thousands of struggles the slaves had to go through when slaves were in slavery in the American
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