Harriet Tubman And Maya Angelou Analysis

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Harriet Tubman and Maya Angelou have many things in common, including the theme of never giving up in difficult times in their lives. Maya Angelou returned from her mother’s house once depressed, she wouldn't talk to anyone. She fought through this tough time through reading, which showed the theme of never giving up. Harriet Tubman a woman many traits but her best was never giving no matter what came her way. In many ways these woman are one in the same. Harriet Tubman, a amazing person, showed the theme of never giving up. “Let me go back, let me go. It's better as a slave.”(pg 136). This is an example of when a slave ran from and gave up on her, but she didn't give up. “To many. To many……..It's not safe.”(pg 134). Even though she didn't have a home for her and the other runaways to stay, she kept going and didn't quit. “How many?” a voice asked “Eleven.” She said doubtfully “Well come in!” the voice said(pg 136). Even though she had doubted not being welcome, she still stayed and waited to be welcome.Her Incentive was to keep going for freedom no matter how hard the trip was(Pg 134). “We got to go free or die Trying.” This helped her get the…show more content…
Maya Angelou, even though how hard it may have been to talk again she still didn't give up. “How do you like that?” It occurred to me that she wanted a response.” Maya Angelou tried to speak and when she spoke Mrs flowers had keep going. “I didn't understand why Mrs Flowers had singled me out for attention,” Mrs Flowers singled Maya Angelou because she need the attention to never give up. Even though she didn't talk much of her youth, she didn't give up reading and learning new things having her become who she is today. Even though she didn't talk, she still helped her grandma at the store. If it wasn't for the constant push by Mrs. Flowers to never give up Maya Angelou wouldn't have become a great writer showing the theme of never giving

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