Harriet Tubman Character Analysis

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"Moses is coming, Moses is coming" (Petry par, 3). This was what slaves whispered to each other as they heard that Harriet Tubman was back and had used her organizational skills to help some 11 of them to escape slavery and head up north to Canada. Harriet Tubman, during her time "conducting" the underground railroad, displayed many traits that made her a leader, but none was more apparent than her organizational skills. First we'll discover how she used her organizational skills and why it made her such a successful leader. Then we'll compare and contrast Harriet to her followers.

So let's start by leaving the station to see how Harriet used her organizational skills and why it was a major part of her success. The first example of her skills
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One aspect that made Harriet similar to her followers was that they both experienced times of doubt and feeling afraid. As they made their way to Canada, "She knew times of doubt, when she was half afraid and looking back over her shoulder," (Petry, par, 10). From this excerpt we can see that she too doubted herself, but as we see she kept on going and thanks to her organizational skills did not let it show to the runaways accompanying her. Another aspect the made Harriet similar to the runaways was that they both could not fully rest, and they were all paranoid, but Harriet used her skills to keep on going to make it to freedom. On their journey north, they tried to stop during the day, but they could never wholly relax into sleep. ... she had told them about the place where they would stay, promising warmth, and good food, holding these things out as an incentive to keep going," (Petry, par, 11). From this statement we can see that she, as well as the runaways could not rest wholly but Harriet herself had the organizational skills to have plan in place to get the runaway to keep going. The final aspect that made Harriet similar and different was that they both had struggles, but Harriet used her organizational skills to keep them going. They experienced many hardships one being, " She had promised her passengers food and rest, and warmth
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