How Did Harriet Tubman Affect Our Lives

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The Civil War was a horrid event that greatly affected our modern day lives. From 1861 to 1865 the Union and the Confederates fought to protect what they thought was right. Throughout the war many people turned up and encouraged change in areas they believed were lacking thought such as, abolition, women 's rights, and suffrage. One of this people was Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist, which means that she was against slavery. She helped develop the underground railroad, which helped many slaves escape to freedom. Harriet was born into slavery in Maryland, her birth name was Araminta. Growing up, her life was full of physical violence and pain. Many of the injuries that she sustained caused permanent damage which haunted her…show more content…
This four-year war would become one of the deadliest wars in history. Throughout the war, 620,000 people died, with the number one cause of death being disease! The main causes of the war were: slavery, Abraham Lincoln’s election, taxes being placed on Southern ports, and stated seceding from the Union. The first battle was at Fort Sumter. The southerners were so angry at President Lincolns election that they decided to attack Fort Sumter. The confederates surprised the union soldiers which resulted in a confederate win. There were many other battles, however there is one that really stands out. The most known battle, and the deadliest battle, Gettysburg. The battle at Gettysburg resulted with by far the most deaths. With over 50,000 casualties, this battle would be remembered by all. The battle lasted for three days and it resulted in the confederates’ defeat. This battle is considered a major turning point in the war because it forced the confederates to be put on the defensive side and it ended General Robert E. Lee’s biggest attempt to invade Union territory. The Union had some advantaged over the confederates such as having better weapons, telegraphs, and leadership. Whereas the Confederates were able to fight on land that they knew so they had “home” advantage. The disadvantaged for the confederacy were that the Union blocked many of the trading ports so that the Confederates’ economy was destroyed, also, the confederates had many guns and weapons, but they struggled to get enough men to enlist. The Union disadvantages included not knowing the territory and losing men to the
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