Harriet Tubman Essay Outline

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Paragraph 1; Introduction

“I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.” said Harriet Tubman. She lived by this. When she was twenty nine Tubman ran away from slavery on her own and she freed approximately 300 other slaves. Also, she led an armed expedition during the Civil War and she was the first woman who did that. Harriet Tubman should be honored with the ACI Life Time Achievement Award because of the bravery she has shown in her journey to freedom, her inspiring ideals, and her fight to free and save others.
Paragraph 2: Early life and basic facts

Harriet Tubman was born as a slave in Maryland, 1820. She was one of the 11 children of Benjamin Ross and Harriet Green. Tubman’s birth name was Araminta Ross. Ross was hired out as a babysitter when she was six. She had to stay up all night so that the baby wouldn 't cry and wake the mother up. If Ross fell asleep and the baby awakened the mother, she was whipped. She began to be called Harriet, while she was still a child. As Ross grew older, she sterted to work as a field worker; which brought on even more trials for the
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She was a woman of incredible heroism and adherence to the cause of freedom. We can learn about benevolence and bravery; standing up for others even when it seems impossible to make a change and helping others no matter what the cost is, as Tubman did. We can learn about fortitude, self-disciplinerectitude and hard work. I think of her when I feel desperate against difficulties and I become assured that I can overcome those diffuculties if I don’t give up. Also she is a source of inspiration when it comes to standing up against any types of injustice. She is truly a hero that we must honor with the ACI Life Time Achievement Award . Tell people about Harriet Tubman! Find ways to follow her
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