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The Greatness of Harriet Tubman A revolutionary is a person who either participates in, or advocates revolution. Harriet Tubman was a runaway slave who went back and forth from the north to the south to free slaves also known as The Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman is one of the most revolutionary activist to play an important part to help abolish slavery through sacrificing herself to save fellow slaves.
Harriet Tubman has done many extraordinary things to be known as revolutionary. Such as traveling south to north to free her people. “Within 10 years, she made 19 trips to the South to escort slaves to the North by way of covert routes and network of safe houses. She personally escorted over 300 slaves to freedom, including her parents
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Even after her great revolution of leading slaves, Harriet was later known as a nurse to help soldiers. “For more than 3 years she nursed the sick and wounded in Florida and the Carolinas, tending whites and blacks, soldiers and contrabands.”(Patterson). This shows that Harriet did not stop her help just by freeing slaves, she also became a nurse and helped the sick. This signifies that a true revolutionary person does not stop there help by doing one thing. Tubman preformed many different jobs all to make sure African slaves were free. “As leader of a corps of local blacks, she made several forays into rebel territory, collecting information. Armed with knowledge of the location of cotton warehouses, ammunition depots, and slaves waiting to be liberated, Colonel Montgomery made several raids in southern coastal areas. Tubman led the way on his celebrated expedition up the Combahee River in June 1863.” (Patterson). Harriet was a working spy for the union government. She wanted to help free as many slaves as she can. Not only risking her life but also doing as many things as she could to set her people free. Only to get paid minum for her works. Revolutionary is not only what you do for people in the present ,but it's what kind of example you can make in the
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