Harriet Tubman Greatest Achievements

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Born during 1822 in Maryland, Araminta Ross, who later became the well-known Harriet Tubman, began a legacy by being born into slavery and fighting her way to freedom. Tubman had many different successful achievements, but her most recognized were the Underground Railroad, becoming a spy in order to free 800 slaves, nursing wounded soldiers, and opening her home to those who needed it. Multiple documents explaining each event have narrowed her greatest achievement to rescuing hundreds of slaves and caring for others after periods of struggle. Harriet Tubman’s over-all greatest achievement was her work as a spy; she was able to rescue around 800 fugitive slaves in one night. According to document C, the rescue was led by Harriet herself and Colonel James Montgomery. Together, they gathered all of the people they could rescue in one trip and had them raid the current place they were in. By doing this, not only were lives saved, but there was more resources for…show more content…
She was a working nurse for wounded soldiers and work without payment mostly. In her interview in document D, Tubman mentions that she worked in order to help, not to receive any payment. The way she made her living was by simply creating different good and treats to sell around the military camps. By living this generous way, she was able to help her community all while supporting herself during the war. Her second achievement that is well-known is opening her house to those who were in need of shelter. Document E shows a picture of a few people who she lived with and took care of, the short description of her work told of the people who she took in which ranged from the ill to those suffering after gaining freedom. By creating a safe space for others, she helped those in her community and allowed for a more positive vibe for those who needed it
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