Harriet Tubman Guide To Freedom Analysis

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What's a four letter word that most people take for granted. "Hope" and without hope in this world, it would be full of people that are depressed and do nothing with their lives because they don't have the hope that they can do it. In the story "Harriet Tubman: Guide to Freedom" she shows hope to save slaves. The story "Salvador late or early" also has hope. He shows that he knows that he will have a better life in the future. Without hope nobody would get anywhere in this world, so when people have hope, its a good thing and it's not just desperation.

In the story "Salvador late or early" he showed that he had hope. He hopes that one day he will be happy and stop living this life. He knows his mom can't do everything and it's hard for her, so he helps out with his brothers at the best of his abilities. He gives her hope and support that he will always be there to help. He doesn't try to change the fact that he has a bad life he has hope that one day he will be happy and be able to live a good life. Salvador helps his brothers so they don't have to do it by themselves, he give reassuring hope that he will
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There are many examples of how Harriet showed hope in this story. For example, she knew that she didn't know how to get to Canada or where it was, but she had hope that she would get there. With hope she found her way to Canada because she didn't give up. Another example of showing hope is, when she couldn't stay at the first house she went to. When he told her she couldn't stay at his house, she didn't give up. Instead, she kept going on because she knew that she and the slaves could make it. The last example from this story is, that she told the salves to keep going. Even though they wanted to turn around and go back, she gave them hope that they could make it. Harriet showed the theme of hope by helping turn bad situations into
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