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Throughout Harriet Tubman’s life, she experienced numerous traumatizing events that happened to her throughout plantation to plantation and trying to escape to freedom that clearly define her as a strong willed heroic woman. A true heroine, she is. Harriet Tubman was a slave on many plantations in Maryland. She had many things happen to her family; Tubman had lots of relationships and events happen on the plantation. Additionally, she had many detours while trying to escape up to Canada. Most of which were slave hunters. In the end, after all her struggles, she finally reaches Canada with the eleven people she took along with her. Many events happened to Harriet Tubman and her family when they were living on the plantation. One being how her…show more content…
The woman gave her advice, food, and a blanket to take with her. After leaving, she received a boat ride from a mysterious man off of the plantation property. Harriet never found out his name, but wished to. Once Harriet was out of the property, she passed out due to her utter excitement, but escapes later out of sight from the slave hunters when they nearly catch her just as she wakes up. She leaves with her eleven members of her group, throughout Maryland and up to the northern states. At one point, the slave hunters found Harriet Tubman and her group hiding beneath a barn, which the slave hunter lit on fire. Harriet finds a key right by the fire leading to a door to the outside. Due to Tubman’s bravery, the group survived and continued on. Harriet Tubman and her group are noticeably weaker, but she takes them to St. Cathryn by train and later up to Canada. When they are just about to cross the Canadian border, they all jump off the train and walk across the bridge instead of riding the train across it. Not to mention her numerous trips back to the plantation to save her family, John, acquaintances, and some slaves she did not even know or have any social connection

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