Harriet Tubman Slavery

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Slavery is known to exist as early as the 18th century BCE in china. About 5% of blacks were enslaved. This continued down to the 20th century. A 3rd to half of the population was enslaved in korea. The importation of slaves was nationally prohibited in 1808, although illegal smuggling was not usual. Domestic slave trading continued at a rapid pace. Slaves suffered a variety of fatal maladies due to the Atlantic slave trade, and due to the inhumane living and working conditions. Common symptoms would be beriberi, pellagra, tetany, rickets, and kwashiorkor.. In 1619 a ship “The White Lion” had captured about 20 enslaved Africans in a battle with the spanish ship. Slavery in America began when slaves were brought to north america colony in…show more content…
There was this particular slave who build the underground railroad to free slaves and her name was Harriet Tubman born in Dorchester Country, Maryland, but that wasn 't her real name. Her real name was Araminta Ross born on 1822 and died March 10, 1913. Her mother Harriet “Rit” Green was owned by a slave owner named Mary Pattison Brodess and her father Ben Ross was owned by a slave owner named Anthony Thompson who actually later married Rit and Ben’s daughter Araminta or she goes by “minty”. Harriet 's father was freed from slavery at the age of 45 by one of his previous owner, but Rit and her children were not freed from slavery no matter the fact of his husband was free. By the time Harriet grew older most African Americans were freed in slavery. In 1844 Harriet married a man named John Tubman. Many don 't know much about the status of Harriet and John’s marriage. Harriet worked as a spy for the united states army during the american civil war. Born into the slavery world tubman ranway and made thirteen missions to rescue about seventy enslaved families and friend using safe houses which were known as the underground railroad. In 1849 Harriet Tubman ran away from Philadelphia then hurried to Maryland to rescue her family. Her actions made slave owners anxious and angry so they posted rewards for her capture. When the civil war had began she worked for the union army being a cook, a nurse, and as an armed scout. She was active while doing her jobs until her sickness overtook her and she had to go to a place where they put elderly African Americans that she established earlier. After her death she became one a the icons of the American courage freedom. On april 2016 the U.S. treasury department finally said that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson as the picture of the
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