Harriet Tubman Strengths

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Harriet Tubman

What is greatness? Is it showing the ability to be strong? It is showing courage? In this world there are many people that are considered to be grate, a good example of a grate person would be the one and only Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman is considered a great person because she was a former slave that escaped slavery of the south. She developed the Underground Railroads that helped slaves reach the North for freedom. Harriet Tubman is a grate woman because she has all of the characteristics below and many more. Greatness is someone who is strong, brave, and admirable.
The Strength Strength is showing emotionally and physically how much weight a person can hold.
Harriet Tubman is a strong Woman because she grew up into the like of slavery. Tubman was a young girl when three of her
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Harriet Tubman was and still is an inspiring woman because she made her dreams a reality. Tubman became a free women and went back to the south to save others. a quote “Tubman was on her way. She followed the North Star by night, making her way to Pennsylvania and soon after to Philadelphia, where she found work and saved her money… Tubman returned to the south again and again.” (African in America) Harriet Tubman was successful because she saved the lives of hundreds of slaves and did it secretly and successfully she did it without being caught because she made sure that she covered all her tracks, took different routes and moved quickly.
Harriet Tubman was a woman of character; she was a Civil Right Activist/ Abolitionist. A woman who went through more than enough pain emotional and physical pain in a life time. Tubman a woman with more bravery than men of her time. A person that has done many remarkable things and recognized till this day. A Person who is known as the “Moses” of her people. Harriet Tubman is a Strong, Brave, and admirable. Tubman has reached greatness and much
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