Harriet Tubman The First Afro-American Woman

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The First Afro-American Woman Depicted on 20 - Dollar Bill. Who Was Harriet Tubman?
The Abolitionists called her as the ‘Moses’ or ‘General Tubman’. She manages to mislead slaves’ hunters and she acted the Underground Railroad, also she spoked at churches and mass rallies. Thanks to her attempts 70 people regained freedom.
Harriet Tubman born as Araminta. She fled from the slavery-ridden South to the free North. She was acting for human rights and fought for the abolition of slavery. She knew best what luck of freedom had meant. She was born on the farm Mason-Dixon Line. As a 27 years woman, she crossed the Mason-Dixon Line. At the North Carolina, she was a nurse, a cook and a spy. In the first woman in the history of America, she guided the
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