Harriet Tubman The Underground Railroad Analysis

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The documentary I chose was on the Underground Railroad. The lady who started it all was named Harriet Tubman also known as black moses. Never learned to read or write, She was a freedom fighter born into slavery 1820-1913. She was a strong woman due to her courage to start this and the blow to the head she took trying to stand up for a slave in her younger days. Her butch appearance allowed her to blend in with male slaves when getting the word out about the next Underground Railroad movement. The documentary film structure consisted of reputable people frequently speaking throughout. These people would be shown sitting in an office chair, a conference room, standing or in some other room setting. It would show these people speaking from…show more content…
As well as Harriet Tubman was the most celebrated member of the Underground Railroad. She returned to the south nineteen times to help around three hundred fugitive slaves. She never lost a passenger. In addition to hearing about the Underground Railroad in class this documentary also allowed me to learn more in depth details. Such as one hundred thousand runaway slaves were estimated to have runaway between 1800-1810, it was estimated they were collectively worth thirty million. This was possible due to the thirty-two thousand aid operators like Thomas Garret that lived in Wilmington, Delaware. He had a fifty-year career in abolition where he assisted nearly twenty-seven thousand slaves. He was also put on trail and convicted for aiding and assisting fugitive slaves, fined eight thousand dollars. Ways of knowing about safe house could be shown by a mark on a tree, drinking ground well handle upturned and a light lit in a window. Before going to these safe houses one would need to be told about the next movement. Harriet Tubman would go to plantations and blend in with the slaves there and tell them about the next movement, one way she let slaves know when the next meet was by singing. Singing meant meet by the tree at noon and people will be there to take you to a safe place. One fact I found really interesting was a guy named Henry Brown nailed
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