Harriet Tubman's Impact On The Underground Railroad

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According to law, civil rights are something that everyone is given. However, history has shown that this is not always the case. Everyday, people struggle to gain freedom and civil rights makes it possible to achieve this for all. As a result of Harriet Tubman’s actions, all people are entitled to equal rights. Harriet Tubman’s life made a great impact on the countries perspective of civil rights. Tubman helped create and conduct the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a network of African Americans and whites, who provided shelter and safety to escaped slaves. This was possible through a series of tunnels. These tunnels provided an easier escape for runaway slaves. Besides the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman served in the Union army during the Civil War. Harriet would have the job of cooking meals and nursing soldiers. In 1862 she traveled with…show more content…
This was to help a group of sea island slaves transition to freedom. Tubman was also a scout and spy behind Confederate lines. After these jobs that affected America, Harriet Tubman returned to Auburn (hometown) and continued to be a community activist/ humanitarian. This led her to be an active member of the suffrage movement. Tubman also helped shelter poor elderly on the farm in Auburn even though she was struggling financially. These actions that Harriet took to help others is what made America realize more about how much civil rights was important. In 1896, two generations came together to celebrate the strength of black women and to continue their struggle for a life of respect. This group of people consisted of black and white people. This shows how much the community was impacted by Tubman’s life. The town of Auburn also funded the construction of the Harriet Tubman Home for the aged in 1908 in
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