Harriet Tubman's Important Accomplishments

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Harriet tubman was born somewhere around the mid 1820 In Dorchester County MD. As a child she was born as a slave and was a slave for like 20 years. Her by logical name was Araminta ross and then changed her name to Harriet tubman took her mom 's first name and took her 1st husband last name. Early in life she was whipped and she ran away to get away from slavery. But that did not go well as planned and she sent to the south and she got seizures do to the heavy metal that she got beat with. Tubman was a young hired as maid and she was sent to others households. As a maid she was not able to make the baby cry and if she did she would be beaten she was treated very poorly and she had no sleep. “She than began to free slaves with the underground…show more content…
Tubman stood out because of the underground railroad and to free slaves. And she wanted to take those who need a better life to start new Journey and to be a better person as she once was. Tubman 's Important Accomplishments were to help people standed up for what they believe. She wanted to free and stop slavery to have freedom and slotting over 300 slaves. She was brave for what she thought was right nothing made her think otherwise. She was working with slaves her whole life for around 20 ish years. And she brought her family to freedom.” In all of your Journey she never lost a single passenger” ( pbs.org Harriet tubman. Harriet Tubman." PBS. Public Broadcasting Service, n.d. Web. 03 Mar.…show more content…
Tubman and her 2nd husband was a slave She met John brown in Canada when she re routing the rail road. When she was still alive it took her life to make a change in her actions. She saw her impact and she was a slave she lived though this all her life. “ 15th amendment to Constitution grant Citizenship to former slaves” ( Biography.com Harriet tubman arriet Tubman Timeline." Harriet Tubman Timeline. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Mar. 2017). Late life
Harriet Tubman went ahead to donated her property and went brain surgery and came out fine and better. She passed away from pneumonia and she passed on March,10,1913. ¨ Harriet became the first Woman to lead an assault during the civil war”. ( History.com Staff. "Harriet Tubman." History.com. A&E Television Networks, 2009. Web. 03 Mar.
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