Harriet Tubman's Second Greatest Achievement Essay

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Harriet Tubman's third greatest is before the war she helped african americans get away with the help of the underground railroad. In the month of december, in the year of 1850 she picked up three people and took them from Near Baltimore, Md. to Philadelphia(Doc B).
Brought slaves to freedom despite her personal risks of being captured. In the fall of
1851, she took 11 African American fugitives from Dorchester, Md. and helped them get to
Canada West or Ontario(Doc B). This is important but it is not the most important thing that she did as it did not help as many people.
Harriet Tubman's second greatest achievement is being a nurse during the civil war.
¨Well, missus, I´d go the hospital, I would, every morning. I´d get a big chunk of ice
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¨In this way (Harriet) worked, day after day, till late at night; then she went home to her little cabin, and make about fifty pies, a great quantity of gingerbread, and two casks of root beer¨(Doc D). This explains why it is the second greatest achievement because she didn´t work as long as she did as the first greatest achievement.
Harriet Tubman's number one greatest achievement was being a caretaker from after the war until her death in 1913(48 years). The focus of Harriet's life was to help those in need(Doc E). This explains that though she didn't have the necessities for everything she still helped because that's how she was. Harriet helped deserted babies, epileptics, blind, paralyzed for 48 years. This just screams being such an achievement, Harriet helped so many people.
Being able to only have 8 in her house at a time but she still helped people for 48 years. Such an achievement.
Harriet Tubman's greatest achievement was and always will be in my eyes helping all those after the war, she didn't have to but she wanted to. That shows that it must be great, right? Don't you agree? She worked until her death helping who she could, she took it as her
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