Harriet Welsch Summary

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Eleven year old Harriet M. Welsch is a writer who writes down in a notebook every thing she thinks, hears, and sees. She lives with her family in New York 's ritzy Upper East Side. She loves to write and her goal is to one day become a novelist. She has a nanny, Ole Golly who looks after and encourages her to keep a journal about her everyday life, so that someday she can become a novelist. Sport is her friend who wants to be a ball player or an accountant one day. Janie is also her friend who wishes to be a scientist one day. Harriet thinks her life is perfect because she has a notebook to write in and the best nanny you could ever ask for. However, that all changes when Ole Golly 's boyfriend, Mr Waldenstein, proposes and Ole Golly…show more content…
Later at school, Harriet loses her notebook during a game of tag. Her classmates find it and read it and are absolutely appalled by her brutally honest observations about them. Her classmates decide they should ignore her. The even made a club called Spycatcher. They try to think of ways to make Harriet 's life miserable by stealing her lunch, spilling ink on her and passing notes about her to each other. Harriet spies on the club through a back fence. She tries to get back at them by hurting them. After getting into trouble for carrying out some of the punishments she had thought of, Harriet decides to try to resume her friendship with Sport and Janie as if nothing ever happened. Both reject her overtures of friendship so Harriet devotes all of her time to writing in her notebook. Harriet skips school and spends days in bed at home, growing depressed, and because she is not paying attention to her schoolwork her grades suffer. This leads her parents to confiscate her notebook but this only serves to make Harriet even more depressed. Harriet 's mother takes her to see a psychiatrist who advises them to contact Ole Golly and ask her to write Harriet a letter. Ole Golly gives her advice that helps her get her friendship back. Harriet apologizes and they all become friends
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