Harris Burdick Narrative Essay

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Consider one of the images, its title and its caption and then to propose a possible story that tells what happened before and after the corresponding image. Be sure to include the caption somewhere in the story. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick Due at end of class: Creative writing prompt on Harris Burdick Mysteries Just Desert As our babysitter, Mrs. Janet walked into the kitchen, my brother and I conversed. “Is today the day?” I asked my brother, Jason. “I think so!” replied Jason with an excited overtone. Once a year, on Halloween night, Mrs. Janet would make us a pumpkin pie. Just dessert night, she called it. Jason and I would joke about how we should rename it to Just desert night, due to the dry flavor of her pumpkin pie, even though her pastries tasted adequate. When…show more content…
The knife sliced through the pumpkin and hit the cutting board. The pumpkin glowed with such intensity the whole room turned white. I couldn’t see a thing. “Mrs. Janet! Are you okay?” I screamed out, searching for a sign of life. I heard no response. Clash! Our windows shattered and briefly deafened me, then I felt sand at my feet. Sand? Why do I feel sand? I gained my vision back. Thousands of pounds of sand came pouring in through the windows. I screamed for help, with no reply. The sand soon reached my neck. I was consumed by a desert. I couldn’t breath. I felt my consciousness wither away. Before I had completely lost consciousness, I saw a figure running towards me. He began digging me out of my sand prison. As soon as I saw his face I recognized my brother. He had come to save me. “Ugh, while the whole house has sand filled to the brim, you decide to take a nap?” “Jason, what happened?” “I told you Mrs. Janet looked creepy from the start bro, “ Jason explained, with his usual slang, “she went all cray-cray and dumped a buncha’ sand in the house.” Had all of our insults caused Mrs. Janet to do something like this? I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe
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